Learn Node in one week

Let us Node

This book is designed to teach you Node in one week. All you need to do is follow it day wise. Each day covers important topics related to Node to get you started.

Book Summary

This book is divided into 7 days sections. We expect you to give us 30 minutes per day and cover the topic days wise. It’s simple and easy to follow.

Here are the topics we are going to cover each day:

  •  Day 1: Node basic concepts - Libuv, Eventloop, Libev.

  •  Day 2: Building a Web Server in Node.

  •  Day 3: Node modules and NPM.

  •  Day 4: File system module.

  •  Day 5: Express framework.

  •  Day 6: Databases - MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and Redis.

  •  Day 7: Deployment- deploying applications in a Digitalocean